7 Golden Rules for Fat Loss

In order to get rid of body fat quickly and keep it off. You are supposed to go through relevant and genuine information.


Many years ago researchers in health science told us to go slow in cardiovascular activities when we are striving hard to burn stubborn body fat. However most of the people cannot understand that fat loss is not about what you are burning during a training session, it is what you burn with in a 24 hour period. In this context, short yet high intensity exercises create an oxygen deficit. In the post workout period when your body starts oxygen consumption, this enhances metabolic rate also.

 Design Your Workout Plan Wisely

When you are designing a weekly training program, keep in mind that how different styles of training can affect. Improper selection of the exercises will restrict the growth and affect recovery.

Joint Stressors

People who have joint problems must consider that every barbell training and high impact jumps may further deteriorate their condition.

Spinal Compression

People who are prone to sciatica pain or lower back pain must gradually increase the weights. This is because heavy squats and dead lifts may bring health complications.

Nervous System Stressors

When you are exercising it is not your body only which is under stress, your nervous system is also under pressure. Power training and low repetition training to failure which people do for enhancing muscle mass must be performed under the guidance of an experienced physical instructor.

Change Your Strategies

Even if you are following an effective workout program, sooner or later you are going to hit a plateau. In order to avoid this, you are supposed to change your exercise schedule on a regular basis. People who are willing to lose weight may consider intense metabolic resistance training and high intensity interval training. No doubt these strategies are wonderful, but they are not going to work for ever. You need to change them to shock your body and burn a good amount of fat.

Metabolic Resistance Training

In this kind of exercise you have to use moderate weights for doing moderate exercise repetitions. You can also opt for circuit training with light weights.

Strength Training

This kind of training allows you to lift more weight by which you can perform 6-8 repetitions of an exercise.


This is something which most of the beginners take it for granted, do you know why you need to warm-up. 5 to 10 minutes of warm-up exercises are sufficient. You can also do a warm-up set of every exercise you do with weights. Suppose you are doing bench-press with a certain amount of weight. As warm-up exercise simply hold the barbell in your hands and finish the exercise as you do with the weights. This will stimulate your muscles and prevent them from injuries.

Go outside

It is not necessary to always workout in the gymnasium. You can go out for jogging or get involved in different outdoor games to kick your metabolism.

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